The second chapter of our culinary series follows Michelin starred chef Angel Leon. His vast knowledge of the sea and fish have given him the nickname “el chef del mar” (the chef of the sea).
Dan Barber named him the “Chef of the Future” for his innovation, the marriage of his knowledge of the sea and problems facing sustainability of our oceans. And the TIMES has recently labeled the Aponiente restaurant “The best restaurant you’ve never heard of.”
Ángel León's gastronomic discourse at Aponiente is rife with rebellion: creative cuisine prepared exclusively with products from the sea. He uses innovative techniques that often give rise to culinary optical illusions of eating something that is not what it seems.
Our short film is an ode to a man who doesn't shy away from innovation and has made of the sea, the biggest inspiration of his avant-garde cuisine.

Main Credits:

Douglas Guillot
Sergio Penzo

Douglas Guillot

Creative Director/Producer
Sergio Penzo

Panthalassa Content

Editing & Technical Support

Original Score
German Wahnsinn

Grading & Postproduction
Harvest Digital Agriculture